n. passage of a blood cell into a tissue through the capillary walls

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • diapedesis — noun (plural diapedeses) Etymology: New Latin, from Greek diapēdēsis, literally, act of leaping through, from diapēdan to leap through, from dia + pēdan to leap Date: 1625 the passage of blood cells through capillary walls into the tissues …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • diapedesis — [dī΄ə pə dē′sis] n. pl. diapedeses [dī΄ə pə dē′sēz΄] [ModL < Gr diapēdēsis, lit., a leaping through < dia , through + pēdan, to leap < IE base * pēd , FOOT] the migration of blood cells, esp. erythrocytes, through intact capillary walls… …   English World dictionary

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